Tips for Children on Internet Safety
Remember the "Front Door Rule".
front door.JPG

 Never put anything on your profile that you wouldn't put on your front door e.g.

         - your real name

         - your date of birth

         - a photo of             yourself.

We only let in people we know. 

Your Digital Footprint
digital footprint.JPG
  • Your digital footprint is a record of everything you do and leave on the internet.

  • You are leaving it on private property. 

  • You have no control over it.


"The T-Shirt Rule"

 Never say anything online that you would not wear on a t-shirt.

Do not make a comment to someone or about someone if you would not wear it on a t-shirt.

Do not use language you would not wear on a t-shirt.


Stop, Block and Tell
stop block.JPG

If someone online asks you for personal information OR

If someone online is bullying you-

  • STOP all communication with that person.

  • BLOCK them from your account.

  • TELL a trusted adult.